Employment Opportunities

The United Way of Marshall County is currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Job Title: Member, Board of Directors 

Responsible To: President, Board of Directors United Way of Marshall County

Staff Resource: Executive Director, United Way of Marshall County 

Length of Commitment: Three year term (a volunteer may serve 2, consecutive three year terms) 

Time Involvement: 

  • Six to ten hours per month or more 
  • Attend a mandatory Board Orientation (1/2 day commitment) 
  • Attend monthly Board Meetings (2 hours per month) 
  • Attend Committee Meetings as needed 

Major Activities Include

  • Attend and participate in all Board of Director meetings to include the annual meeting 
  • Serve on at least one committee and hold one leadership position during the three year tenure 
  • Report board and committee activities to the Board Members 
  • Be an active participant in the annual United Way Fund Raising Campaign 
  • Support the United Way to the extent of your personal financial ability 
  • Attend at least one state and/or regional United Way program during your three year term 

Major Responsibilities Include:

  1. Define purpose. Approve the Mission, Vision and Values of the United Way of Marshall County (UWMC).
  2. Provide for excellent management. Select a chief executive officer (CEO); establish goals for executive performance; establish an appropriate compensation program; and conduct periodic evaluation of the CEO’s performance and compensation.
  3. Establish policies. Approve and periodically review major organizational and Board policies, including the Mission, Vision and Values.
  4. Ensure program effectiveness. Based on an understanding of Mission, Vision and Values and the needs of UWMC and its supported agencies; approve a strategic direction and measurable goals; approve a strategic plan; review and approve major transactions and significant new programs and services; and monitor organizational performance against goals.
  5. Ensure financial viability. Establish financial and operating goals; approve financial plan including operating budgets, capital budgets and investment policies; monitor performance against goals; and oversee the annual financial audit.
  6. Ensure quality of service and Mission effectiveness. Establish goals; approve an annual management plan; and monitor indicators of quality of service and achievement of Mission, Vision and Values.
  7. Ensure quality of staff. Approve and oversee the process for selection, retention and compensation of staff based on performance.
  8. Build relationships. Build relationships and reinforce the policies of the UWMC with supported agencies, community leaders and donors.
  9. Ensure compliance. Establish and oversee programs to ensure that the organization fulfills legal requirements.
  10. Ensure board effectiveness. Ensure the effectiveness of the Board through regular self-assessment and improvement of the bylaws, role, composition, structure, relationships and conduct of business.

Qualifications Include:

  • Live or work in the Marshall County community 
  • Community leader or highly visible/recognized in the community 
  • Supports the mission of the United Way 
  • Willing and able to make the necessary time commitment to the position 
  • Able to work well with other people 
  • Good communication and listening skills 
  • Willing to financially support the annual United Way Annual Campaign 

Please contact Linda Yoder, Executive Director for more information or if interested.


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