The Employee Campaign Coordinator or ECC is a United Way advocate in the workplace who encourages co-workers to join the LIVE UNITED movement by donating and provides donor updates about United Way’s work throughout the year.  An ECC is the foundation of the work United Way accomplishes in our community.

If you are an ECC, thank you for your hard work and dedication.  We know that you take on these responsibilities over and above your normal job.  Your support helps change thousands of Marshall County lives every day.

If you are interested in requesting a speaker or program tour, or being an ECC, by helping with your company’s workplace campaign, please contact Linda Yoder or by phone at 574.936.3366.  

Together, we accomplish what no one organization or individual can accomplish alone. Together, we provide an umbrella of services to help our friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors who are in need.

Together, we can meet the ever-increasing health and human service needs in our area. Be part of the change our community needs.

Your tools for a Successful Campaign include:

Campaign Coordinator Timetable
Campaign Coordinator Guide
Top Ten Reasons to Invest in the United Way
Coordinators Checklist 

Campaign Materials:

2019 Campaign Brochure

2019 Campaign Employee Pledge Form

2-1-1 Poster
FamilyWize Fact Sheet
FamilyWize Card

If you would like more materials for your campaign (beyond the standard we have available for you - posters, newsletters, pledge forms, etc), please visit the
United Way Store for great promotional items and prizes.

Thank You 2017 Cornerstone Partners!