The United Way annual fundraising campaign is truly a community-wide effort.

As your organization’s Employee Campaign Coordinator, you are a vital partner in the network of caring and collaboration in our community. Through your work,

YOU provide companionship to seniors living alone.
YOU provide a safe place for children after school.
YOU help people with disabilities find meaningful work.
YOU build decent homes for families in need.
YOU provide food to parents with hungry children.
YOU take care of families who have survived disasters.

YOU mentor boys and girls in need of role models. 


Basic Steps for Preparing for Your United Way Campaign

  1. Confirm Upper Management’s Support.  The most successful campaigns have the company’s CEO or President’s full support.  Some EECs will work with upper management to draft endorsement letters or emails.  Others will ask their CEO or President to attend an appreciation event for leadership givers to thank them for their contributions.

  2. Meet with your United Way contact.  The staff at United Way is here to help you run a successful campaign.  We’re always available to meet with you to discuss new strategies and best practices.

  3. Set Your Goal.  The best run campaigns have a defined goal and specific strategies on how to reach that goal.  Examples of strategies can include increasing participation or the number of leadership donors.  To see how the process works, please see the goal-setting section on the website or contact your United Way representative.

  4. Develop a Plan.  Now that you have your strategies in place, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to accomplish them.  Usually, the most successful plans focus on increasing participation, the employees’ average gift or leadership giving.  Look under “Best Practices” on this site for other plans that have been successful.

  5. Make It Happen!  The most important part of being an ECC is follow-up and follow-through.  You’ll have a successful campaign if you work hard to make sure your plans are implemented and that you encourage each employee to hand in their pledge card (whether or not they decide to give).

  6. Report the Results.  At the end of the campaign, please return your envelope to your United Way staff person as soon as possible.  Once the envelope is returned, you should report the results of the campaign to your co-workers.  United Way staff can help show the impact of the combined donation (e.g., through our employee campaign, we were able to provide shelter and one daily meal for 20 people for one year)

  7. Keep Up the Enthusiasm!  Don’t let your employees forget about United Way after the campaign.  Develop a year-long plan to keep them engaged from doing small event fundraisers to including information about United Way in your employee newsletter or e-newsletter.

Throughout the campaign, your United Way representative is always here to help and guide you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Thank You 2017 Cornerstone Partners!