4 – 5 weeks before the campaign
  • Meet with your CEO
  • Talk with previous campaign coordinator
  • Talk with United Way staff
  • Recruit your campaign team
  • Analyze your past campaign
3-4 weeks before the campaign
  • Meet with your team
  • Set your goals & objectives
  • Set your dates/times and tell United Way
  • Review all campaign resources
  • Plan your special events
  • Schedule United Way speaker
One week before campaign
  • Personalize pledge forms
  • Send out endorsement letters
  • Promote your campaign
Week of Campaign
  • Confirm meeting location and time
  • Connect with United Way
  • Conduct special events
  • Hold company meetings
  • Start meeting ON TIME!
  • Introduce program/agenda
  • Acknowledge management support
1 – 2 weeks after the campaign
  • Follow up on pledge forms
  • Report results promptly to United Way
  • Report results internally
  • Analyze your campaign with your team
  • Say Thank You
  • Start a year-round communication program

 Hint: Determine how you will distribute the brochure and pledge forms. Are you
handing them out at the meeting or do you have another plan for distribution?

20-Minute Campaign Meeting Agenda

1-2 weeks earlier, send an invitation from the CEO to all employees stating the purpose of the meeting.
Distribute personalized pledge cards and brochures at the beginning of the meeting.

1 min: Coordinator’s opening remarks
4 min: CEO or management provides statement of corporate support and encourages participation.
5 min: United Way representative communicates United Way’s community impact message.
5 min: Agency speaker
5 min: Coordinator: Make the ‘ask.’ Invite the audience to join you in making a difference in people’s lives by giving to the United Way.

  1. Describe incentive
  2. Encourage Payroll Deduction
  3. Thank audience 
  4. Pick-up pledge cards

Thank You 2017 Cornerstone Partners!